Support from Damien Dempsey

Award winning singer Damien Dempsey met with us recently while he was in Ennis to play a gig in Glůr.  Dempsey has been a strong supporter of Cuimhneamh since the beginning.   Click here for more information as well as a video testimonial! 


"Cuimhneamh an Chlair is a wonderful antidote to the Iím alright jack want it all and want it now' attitude of many young Irish people in the aftermath of the Celtic Tiger boom years, a period when many people disregarded our history and community and scrambled for bigger and better and acquired the MTV cribs attitude, facile, vacuous and self-serving. We survived so many torments and terrible hardships down through our history because we cherished our elders and their songs and stories and their wisdom, and community spirit canít exist without looking after the ones who bore and raised us and protected us from danger. You canít live eight decades on this earth and not pick up a few vital tips. Counsel from older heads has always been a huge part of human existence and the wisdom of a simpler harsher but probably more spiritual and dignified time will die with these people if not for the likes of deep young enquiring minded irish people like Cuimhneamh an Chlair, who'll be lauded as keepers of the flame in years to come by the nation". 


- Damien Dempsey 






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