Mickey Whelan

INTERVIEW by Mary McInerney on April 09, 2012
Mickey Whelan  
Birth Date
West Clare - Doon Beg  
Report Date
December 09, 2015  
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FAMILY - Michael was born in 1922. He was one of twins. His twin was John and he is dead over 50 years. There were seven in his family. His names his other siblings, Stephen, Mary, Willie, Kitty, (Kato) and Patrick. His father was John Whelan and his mother was Moriah Darcy from Mullagh. His father’s mother was Bidsey Bain and she died when he was about 15. His paternal grandfather was John Whelan.  
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HOUSE – His house was thatched when he was young and he remembers helping his father to slate it. He speaks of the thatch they would put on the house. They slated it in 1957.  
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FAMILY - Michael speaks of where his brothers and sisters went.  
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FARM ANIMALS - Michael says they were self-sufficient. They would kill a pig once or twice a year. They kept fowl. They had an ass and then a pony.  
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TRANSPORT - Michael recalls having a bicycle. He says the roads weren’t tarred. Only the priest or the teacher had a car.  
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FAITH - Michael talks about the holy pictures on the wall. He speaks of holy water. He says you would shake holy water on the cows every Monday morning. He speaks of the blessing people would say when they came in.  
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THE FIRE/BOG - Michael describes the crane over the open fire. They got turf from their bog in Acres Bog. He speaks of cutting the turf.  

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