Mary Sammon

Interview by Jackie Elger on September 25, 2013

Gender: Female

Birth date: 1923

Area: South Clare - Quin

Report date: December 14, 2015

Time Description
File 1 0:00:00 - 0:06:33 FAMILY - Mary was born on 21/10/23 in Lisheen, Ballynacally. She speaks of her brother, Pat, who was brought up in Moyfadda, Labasheeda with his grandmother after his mother died. Her mother was known as Madge. An old photograph of the family is discussed.
0:06:34 - 0:13:34 QUIN - Mary says she was put into the convent when their mother died. Her father was Jim King from Tonlegee. She has lived in Quin over 70 years. Where O'Halloran's shop is was a public house and then Horkins bought it. It was called Clunes. Her husband William Sammon came from Quin village. His brothers were Mickey, John and James. Her husband was also known as Bill or Johnny
0:13:35 - 0:16:45 KILDYSART - Mary speaks of the Terrace in Kildysart. She says there would be great dances. She remembers being at a dance at Ellie Cusack's and they milked a cow in the middle of the night. She says Ellie Cusack, 'Mam' Murrihy, (Moira's grandmother) and Jack Murrihy played for the dances.
0:16:46 - 0:29:31 FAMILY - Mary was very young when her mother died. She died from TB. She speaks of a family from Tonlegee that would go to farms threshing. She remembers meeting her aunt from America, Mrs Cunningham at the Clare Inn Hotel she working in. She describes her grandmother, Mary Blake, in Moyfadda. She was a tall thin woman who smoked a clay pipe. She speaks of taking snuff. Her brother was in the Free State Army. She remembers her grandmother had a feather bed. She speaks of the Blakes, Jack & Jimmy, who lived in Dublin. She also recalls Marty Blake who played the fiddle.
0:29:32 - 0:30:07 THE CONVENT IN ENNIS - Mary speaks of the convent school in Ennis.
FILE 2 0:00:00 - 0:03:25 CHRISTMAS - Mary recalls Christmas time in the orphanage in Ennis. She says they had great dinners every day of the week. She recalls some of the food they would have. She says there were at least 200 children there. She had a separate dormitory to her younger sister.
0:03:26 - 0:07:24 CONVENT BAKERY - Mary worked in the convent bakery making communion for all of Clare. She describes how this was made. She speaks of the nun, Sister Mary who was over the bakery. She says the bread was gorgeous. She says in later years Sister Mary gave her bread once when there was a bread strike on.
0:07:25 - 0:08:59 CONVENT GARDEN - Mary says they had a huge garden in the convent. They had cows, pigs and fowl. This was all where Dunnes Stores carpark is now.
0:09:00 - 0:11:54 CHRISTMAS/PLAIN CHANT - Mary recalls the decorations they had in the convent at Christmas. She also recalls the Plain Chant Day they would have in the convent grounds. She says people would come from all over the world to play music for that.