Cuairteoir Programme

Cuimhneamh an Chláir has decided to refer to volunteer recorders as Cuairteoirí (singular Cuairteoir) as a conscious reference to the traditional practice of social visiting which was known as going 'on Cuaird'.  Going on Cuaird involved visiting houses in the locality where stories would be told, and often poems recited, songs sung and music played.  This practice ensured the survival of Ireland’s ancient lore and tradition along with the creation and remembrance of local histories and traditions.  In many parts of North Clare, the term is replaced by Ragairne, which referred to the same practice.


Going on Cuaird

 The term Cuairt or 'Cuaird' seems to be largely isolated to County Clare with the word being substituted for ‘Ragairne’ in parts of North Clare.  However in other parts of Ireland similar practices are described using the following words.

    • Cuairdíocht
    • Bothántaíócht
    • Ceilí
    • Rambling
    • Airneán
    • Coorjeeking

We are not actively recruiting new Cuairteoirí at present.  However, if you wish to register an interest in becoming a Cuairteoir in the future check out How you can help



The open hearth fire was the forum for 'cuaird' in traditional Irish homes across county Clare

Picture courtesy of Department of Folklore UCD






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