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One of our most popular outreach projects has been these innovative folded business cards with old Irish words that we documented from older people across the county.  The cards are available free of charge and fit easily into your pocket, purse or wallet!

Click here to download a free PDF of these cards...

Please find below some of the words with audio snippets to show you how to correctly pronounce the word. Just click on the word and save to your computer.  You can burn these to CD, transfer to your iPOD...

Words of Endearment

As GaeilgeEnglishExample
A Rún
Alternative content

(Pr. A-Roon)
Sweetheart Sleep well, a rún.

A Stór / A Stóirín
Alternative content

(Pr. A-Store/A-Store-een)

My heart’s treasure

Happy Birthday, a stór!

A Chroí
Alternative content

(Pr. A-Kree)

My dearest

When will you be home, a chroí?

A Mhuirnín
Alternative content

(Pr. A-Voor-neen)


I’ll meet you there, a mhuirnín

A Pheata
Alternative content

(Pr. A-FAH-Tah)

Pet/Little one

Be careful not to play out on the road, a pheata

A Dalta
Alternative content

(Pr. A-Doll-tah)

A ward/a Pet

I'll take care of that, a dalta

A Chusile
Alternative content

(Pr. A-Koosh-la)

My Darling

Yes, mo chuisle, I'll wait for you

A Mhac/Mac
Alternative content

(Pr. a-wock/mok)

My Son/Also used to describe a jolly person

Your dinner is on the tabe for you, a mhac/ Sean is great mac

Jibes & Taunts

As GaeilgeEnglishExample
Alternative content

(Pr. Ply-keh)
A fool Play no mind to that pleidhce

Alternative content

(Pr. Leb-eda)

An awkward clown/A helpless idiot

You should steer clear of that leibide

Alternative content


A foolish woman

She's a terrible óinseach

Alternative content

(Pr. Oot-amawl-ee)

A fumbler/Clumsy person

Look at that útamálaí - he is all toes and no fingers

Alternative content

(Pr. Keo-lawn)

A giddy, lightheaded babbler

There's no stopping that ceolán, once she gets talking.

Alternative content

(Pr. Shown-een)

One who apes foreign ways

That seoinín was always anti-irish

Alternative content

(Pr. Amadawn)

A person who acts foolishly

He's an awful amadán

Social Gatherings

As GaeilgeEnglishExample
Alternative content

(Pr. Meh-hell)
A network of borrowed reciprocal labour We'll have a meitheal to bring in the turf

Alternative content

(Pr. Koh-ar)

A day's work in exchange for the same

I made comhar with the neighbours so that I could have a meitheal later

Alternative content

(Pr. Kay-lee)

An evening visit with music/dancing

They're going on céilidhe

Alternative content

(Pr. Fesh)

A festival of song/dance

The feis will be great craic

Alternative content

(Pr. Shan-a-kas)


She's an awful woman for the seanchas

Alternative content

(Pr. Coo-rd)

A social visit

He goes out on cuairt every Friday

Alternative content

(Pr. Rog-ar-nah)

A social, neighbourly visit (N. Clare)

He's gone out ar ragairne, and God only know's when he'll be home


As GaeilgeEnglishExample
Alternative content

(Pr. Go-awl)
As much as can be taken between the outstretched arms Bring in a gabháil of turf for the fire

Alternative content

(Pr. Dor-nawn)

A fistful

Could I have a dornán of corn?

Alternative content

(Pr. Barth)

A bundle carried on the back of shoulders

Where is he going with that beart of hay?

Alternative content

(Pr. Maw-m)

The full of two hands taken together

Those hens are in need of a mám of oats

Alternative content

(Pr. Lie-arr)

A loose handful

Give a ladhar of mess to those pigs

Alternative content

(Pr. A-Doll-tah)

A drop

There is not even a deor left

Alternative content

(Pr. Dree-a-dor)

The Dregs/Residuum

That bottle has been drained so it's very droídar

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