• To intensively and comprehensively record, collect, preserve and share the memories of the Clare’s elderly people.
  • To stimulate increased, accessibility, interest and engagement in the traditions, customs and cultural heritage of county Clare.
  • To train and mobilise volunteer recorders (cuairteoirí) in their own local areas in order to enhance and develop social inclusion and community development across Clare.
  • To develop and conduct oral history and folklore projects important to the historical record of the people of County Clare.
  • To provide a diverse, coherent, and integrated body of sources for use by scholars, students, and the interested public.
  • To conduct it’s collecting and processing activities in accordance with the highest standards.

Why we do what we do 

We believe that our older people in county Clare are the last generation to connect us to an older and fading way of life. By digitally recording their memories, we create a resource that current and future generations will benefit from. We are determined to make this available to the public and to be an organisation that records for the county and for the people. We have already made material available through radio shows and public events but have long term goals to make it publicly and permanently available to the people of Clare. When this happens, is largely dependent on what funding we can secure over the coming years.

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