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Since our foundation, we have developed a number of collection and education projects, which have directly engaged the Clare public in both active documentation and engagement of Clare's folk heritage and tradition. 

Focail an Chláir

At our launch we introduced innovate folded business cards with Irish words that can be used in everyday sentences.  This were available free of charge and fit easily into your pocket, purse or wallet!

Find out more about Focail an Chláir here

Faces of Folklore

Cuimhneamh an Chláir, the Clare Oral History and Folklore Group, recognize that in attempting to record the oral heritage of our county, we inherit and practice a tradition of folklore recording that has been in existence in Clare for centuries. Faces of Folklore, aim to highlight the magnificent effort of folklorists in documenting the oral heritage of Clare, much of which was documented in our native language

Find out more about Faces of Folklore here

Come Here Till I Tell Ya! 

Cuimhneamh an Chláir has developed a unique method of showcasing our material to the public. ‘Come Here ?Till I Tell Ya!’

Find out more about 'Come Here Till I Tell Ya' here

‘A Part of What Was Dublin’

The memories of Clare natives living in Dublin are to be documented in ‘A Part of What Was Dublin’, a new initiative launched by Cuimhneamh an Chláir.

Find out more about 'A Part of What Was Dublin' here

Public Lectures & Events

We have held successful lectures across Clare on various folkloric subjects in an attempt to further enhance public interest and awareness of Clare’s folk heritage.  We have also presented at conferences nationally and internationally, where we’ve been able to demonstrate samples of our work.  We will continue to hold public lectures where resources allow. 

Find out more about our Public Lectures & Events here

Community Projects

Cuimhneamh an Chláir are interested in working with other local communities across Clare in order to gather more intensively the folklore and oral tradition of local areas.

Find out more about our Community Projects here

St Joesph's Hospital Project 

We have sought to identify individuals and agencies, through which co-operation with will result in additional collection and outreach opportunities.

Find out more about St Joesph's Hospital Project here

Seo é mo Scéal

In February, 2011, the Clare Education Centre and Cuimhneamh an Chláir combined to develop Seo é mo Scéal as part of our respective outreach and education programmes.  

Find out more about  Seo é mo Scéal here

Raheen Day Care Centre

Cuimhneamh an Chláir conducted a pilot project at Raheen which we hope to expand to other community hospitals and day-care centres. 

Find out more about Raheen Day Care Centre here

Clare FM / Cuimhneamh an Chláir Folklore Poetry Project

Cuimhneamh an Chláir, the Clare Oral History and Folklore Group, as part of its attempt to raise awareness and interest in Clare's folklore and oral history have collaborated with Clare FM in a unique poetry project.

Find out more about Clare FM / Cuimhneamh an Chláir Folklore Poetry Project here

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