Cuimhneamh an Chláir
Clare Memories

Collecting and safeguarding the oral history and folklore of Co. Clare

Jenny Scheunemann & Christina O’ Connor

Sisters Jenny and Christina from Gleninagh tell their neighbour Tom about an old neighbour who used spend a lot of time in their house when they were children. On the day he went into full time care, he lost his false teeth and Jenny found a memento to remember him by...


Maureen Synan

Listen to Maureen from Cooraclare as she tells us about traditions of weddings and matchmaking, and explains what “the picking of the gander” is!

Chris Droney

Listen to Chris, a popular musician from Bellharbour, tell the story of learning the famous tune ‘Music in the Glen’ In Irish music lore there is much talk of the supernatural origins of some music. Chris explains how he became personally linked to ‘fairy music’…


Cuimhneamh an Chláir tells the story of Co. Clare by digitally recording, archiving and sharing the oral history, heritage and folklore of the county.

Shaping the Story

We ask ordinary people to add to the official story of Co. Clare by sharing their own experiences, memories and traditions.

Training volunteers

We train volunteers known as ‘Cuairteoirí’ (visitors) who visit people in their own communities to record their stories.

Sharing stories

We share those stories at community and other events, and with groups involved in Education, Research, Culture, Arts and Health projects

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