About Us

Cuimhneamh an Chláir was founded in 2009 with the aim of recording the people and stories of an older time in Co. Clare, and safeguarding those stories in a publicly available archive.

Why we do it

We recognise something beautiful in how knowledge and wisdom is held and carried by older generations.  We recognise something special in it which we want to capture for future generations. So we attempt to document the memories, experiences, customs and traditions that characterise the place we live in.

How we work

To do this we train volunteers known as ’Cuairteóirí’ (visitors), who visit people in their own communities to record their stories.  This is in homage to the old tradition of ‘going on cuaird’; a practice which centres on respectful listening and on conversation with the elders of a community.

What we value

In our work we value the art of conversation, of gently paced communication and connection. We value the individual and community wisdom held in local stories and connected to place.  We believe that time is the secret to great relationships with our elders and to great storytelling.

What we promise

  • We will safeguard your stories in our archive
  • We will give a copy of your recording back to you
  • We will regularly share stories from our archive with the public so that we learn from those who go before us

We’ve been thinking…

…a LOT.  And we have developed a strategic plan which will guide our work over the next few years. Read about our plans here.