Babs Durack

Interview by Tomás Mac Conmara on October 2, 2010

Gender: Female

Birth date: 1910

Area: East Clare

Report date: September 19, 2015

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Time Description
File 1 0:00:00 - 0:03:29 FAMILY BACKGROUND - Babs states that she only had one brother and he was drowned. She speaks about going to school in Tuamgraney and 'the tech'. She states there was day and night school in Tuamgraney. Mr. O'Keily was the teacher in Tuamgraney at the time. He was married to a Mrs. O'Doherty from Bodyke. Speaks about a Miss Whitney who married a Guard Collins. Babs recalls that she liked 'Nature Studies'.
0:03:30 - 0:05:26 WORKING IN THE PUB - Babs took over the pub when she was about 17. Her mother had died and her father was an old man. She speaks about the people that used to come into her pub. She describes the nature of those people. She describes how good natured they were and that 'they knew no badness'. Babs speaks about Christmas. Speaks about Brian Treacy and Joe Noonan (wonderful singer). He used to always sing at Christmas - 'Christmas Eve in London'.
0:05:27 - 0:07:45 BLACK AND TANS AND WAR OF INDEPENDENCE - Speaks about Joe Noonan (Former IRA man). States that the Black and Tans took him to Killaloe when they were taking the 'four boys' (Scariff Martyrs) to Killaloe. States that he sang all the way from Tuamgraney to Killaloe and the Black and Tans let him go. Refers to Joe Malone. Refers also to an old Mrs. Hayes (Grandmother of Kevin Hayes). This was Pat Hayes' wife. Speaks about the Scariff Martyrs and states that someone gave them away. It's known who it was but Babs had never heard it.
0:07:46 - 0:11:40 BALLYMALONE - Speaks about the Hills of Ballymalone. Refers to the pubs in Tuamgraney. Refers to Jack Brady the politician. Speaks about Jim Mc. Recalls going to Sarah McNamara's house on Sunday morning with other young girls. Sarah had a gramophone and they would dance around the house.
0:11:41 - 0:11:53 SPEAKS BRIEFLY ABOUT THE NATURE OF LOCAL PEOPLE - 'No one knew any badness'
0:11:54 - 0:17:31 ENTERTAINMENT - Babs speaks very briefly about going to hurling matches and the dance halls in Tuamgraney. Every Sunday night there was a 'four penny hop'. Speaks briefly about the handball alley being used for dances. Speaks about the Bradys in Tuamgraney. Speaks about Edward McLysaght and Tom Hogan. Tom Hogan was unwell and Babs used to go and read the paper to him every day. Babs talks about the drowning of Pat McLysaght. Speaks about Joe Mc who lived at the pub at Duracks. The day before Pat MacLysaght drowned, Joe called Babs out and said to her 'there's Pat Lysaght, isn't he beautiful'. States that she didn't remember much about wakes. She speaks about the community spirit.
0:17:32 - 0:18:56 NICKNAME - Speaks about her nickname. She didn't know why she was called 'Babs'.

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