George Casey 2

Interview by Anna Carroll on October 18, 2013

Gender: Male

Parish: Killadysert - Gortnahaha

Report date: November 10, 2015

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Time Description
File 1 0:00:00 - 0:08:50 SCHOOL/FAMILY - There were 7 in George's family. George speaks about going to school in Coolmeen. Nora Casey brought them to school. He says they went barefoot from the Spring. Says road was tarred in 1954. George speaks about his family. He speaks about the prices of turf. His brother Tom learnt a trade with John McMahon in Kildysart. Tom worked with a housing contractor in Limerick called Gerald Fitzgerald in 1948 and he earned £13 a week. His digs was £3.10. Tom's first car was a Morris Minor with the registration 311. Jim went to Buffalo, New York. The three girls married local. George's wife, Mary O'Brien was in America for 10 years. George was in school until he was 14. Master Murphy, a Corkman, was his teacher. There were 67 pupils in his school. George speaks of his own children.
0:08:51 - 0:11:20 DOCTORS - George speaks of the local Dr McGrath who came from from Carrigaholt. His first cousin was Dr Crowley who was the doctor before Dr McGrath. Dr Crowley went back to his native Kilkee. He speaks of how he was always on the road travelling to his patients.
0:11:21 - 0:14:52 CHORES/RUNNING - George says he liked to run. He says you had to do chores for his parents. His grandfather lived to be 91. His uncle Sonny was a Munster running champion-his photo is up on the wall in St Flannan's. He beat Tim Smyth in the three miles race in Limerick.
0:14:53 - 0:20:08 MUSIC - George's mother would play music with her mouth for dancing. He speaks of the music in his family. His brother Jimmy played fiddle. His cousin, Jack Cleary would take down the fiddle every evening. Everyone would be waiting for him in the country dances to dance a set. Nearly every house had a fiddle player in it. They would travel on a bike to dances. They would go nearly every night on the cuaird. Their own house always had people in it. He speaks of the ghost stories that were told. He would check the dust on the floor to see if there had been dancing in his house.
FILE 2 0:00:00 - 0:03:11 DANCING - George speaks of wearing strong boots with tips for battering in dancing. He recalls a man dancing with pennies in his shoes at Moody's in Kilrush during a fleadh cheoil. He speaks of the collars on shirts.
0:03:12 - 0:08:25 MONEY/LISDOONVARNA - George says there was 240 pence in the pound. He describes the pennies. The digs in Lisdoonvarna were a pound a week. George would cycle there. He shared a room with Jack Kirranes brother. It was penny to take the water there. He talks about the hall near the baths. He speaks of the music in Doolin.
0:08:26 - 0:00:00 SHOWS/CHANGES IN LIFE - George speaks of going to horse shows. He would plait the horses for the show. George says the best thing in life is looking forward to something. He wonders if the youth today enjoy life as much as they did.

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