George Casey 3

Interview by Jackie Elger on October 18, 2013

Gender: Male

Parish: Killadysert - Gortnahaha

Report date: November 3, 2015

Time Description
File 1 0:00:00 - 0:11:19 MEMORIES OF BID & JOHNNIE - George speaks of a song composed by Delia Lillis & Nonie Keating about Bid & Johnnie. Bid Bran from Cranny, (an aunt of his father), was a concertina player and Johnnie a fiddle player. George thinks Bid was a relation of Noel Hill. George would visit them on holiday. The crowd would come every night to their house. He says Dick Flanagan from Kilmurry-McMahon would sing it. George reads out the song.
0:11:20 - 0:13:52 ST MARTIN'S DAY - George speaks of his mother killing the hen for St Martin's Day, 11th November.
0:13:53 - 0:15:46 HOLY WELLS - George recalls doing the rounds at the well in Lacknashannagh. They would have to walk some of it on their knees. The date of the rounds was the 15th August.
0:15:47 - 0:18:26 SUPERSTITIONS - Speaks of pisreogs on May Day. He says the women were more superstitious shaking the holy water etc.
0:00:00 - 0:28:24 DANCES ON THE FERGUS ISLANDS - George speaks of dances on Low Island. Jimmo McInerney brought them in. they danced in the school there. Morgan McMahon, Michael Kelly & PJ Guinnane were three fiddle players there. He remembers going into PJ Guinnane's on Horse Island for a turner but dancing instead. He says the islanders were very united. He says Patrick Donnellan's daughter was a teacher there. General talk about some surnames on the islands
0:28:25 - 0:37:54 DONNELLAN'S ISLAND - He remembers swimming a horse out to Pappy Donnellan's island, out near Ballycorick at King's Ranch. Pappy Donnellan's uncle, John Nagle owned the island before Pappy. He speaks of goats on the island. More general chat about the islands.