Morgan (Morgie) O’Connell 5

Interview by Patricia Sheehan on April 13, 2011

Gender: Male

Birth date: 1925

Area: West Clare

Report date: January 12, 2016

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Time Description
0:00:00 - 0:03:04 EVICTIONS - Morgie speaks about evictions 100 years ago.
0:03:05 - 0:05:47 BACKGROUND - Morgie speaks about where he came from. He recalls going to live with his uncle and how he and his wife Margaret bought his present residence.
0:05:48 - 0:14:41 SCHOOL - Teachers and ref to Conor McDermott, whom Morgie describes as a “God Send to West Clare”. Morgie recalls his first memories of journey to school and watching Cranny Creamery being built-“it was a big deal”. He speaks of the lessons and the simple games they played in a small yard. Lunch was a bit of bread in the pocket. Ref to First Holy Communion.
0:14:42 - 0:20:35 CONFIRMATION - Morgie describes the preparation and the day. He cycled to it. Francie and John Joe Kelly borrowed an ass and car to get there and they spent the afternoon footing turf on returning.
0:20:36 - 0:25:43 THE ECONOMIC WAR - Life in Cranny at the time.
0:25:44 - 0:40:25 AGRICULTURE - The Calf Scheme. Ned Hynes-manager of Cranny Creamery. Butter making and the ferkins. Morgie remembers his grandmother keeping records on a slate. The sale of eggs and rabbits during WWII and rationing. Ref to fowl and the creel of turf to the school.
0:40:26 - 0:43:37 THE HORSE - Morgie says old people had a great respect for the horse. Ref to blacksmiths.
0:43:38 - 0:48:39 THE FAIR DAY - Morgie speaks of the fair days. Ref to the Economic War.
0:48:40 - 0:50:25 TB - Morgie speaks of TB.
0:50:26 - 0:54:18 WWI - Flu and ref to local casualties.

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