Paddy & Kitty McGough

Interview by Tomás Mac Conmara. Also present Flan Garvey and Michael McGough, (Paddy’s son). on June 7, 2011

Gender: Male

Birth date: Paddy-1916, Kitty-1917

Area: West Clare - Einagh

Report date: January 3, 2016

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Time Description
File 1 0:00:00 - 0:02:40 GRANDFATHER - Paddy speaks of his grandfather, Patrick McGough. He thinks he worked his way down through the country from Co Cavan.
0:02:41 - 0:03:99 IRISH - Paddy says Micho Connor's grandmother spoke Irish.
0:04:00 - 0:05:15 SCHOOL - Paddy went to school in Inagh. Mrs O'Dea was a teacher there. He thinks there were 70 or 80 pupils.
0:05:16 - 0:13:21 WAR OF INDEPENDENCE/CIVIL WAR - Paddy remembers the Black & Tans getting stuck on the road. He says they were very wicked that time and people would be afraid of them. Martin Devitt was in Paddy's house the morning he was killed. His family were friendly with him. James Meaney came to the house after the Rineen ambush. He says he was very tall. He arrived covered in muck and dirt. Paddy's house was a safe house for the IRA. He says his uncle was in the Free State Army and he recalls a time when a man came to the house and was going to arrest or shoot his uncle. His uncle's name was Paddy McGough. He went to Australia afterwards and never came back.
0:13:22 - 0:23:14 MONUMENT TO MARTIN DEVITT - Paddy and Flan describe the day the monument to Martin Devitt unveiled in the 1950s. They recall Tom Barry speaking on the day. Paddy Duggan and Joe Vaughan were involved in the organising of the monument. Flan says that people were so hurt over those times that they didn't talk about it. Flan says his uncle, Francie Murphy, Ennistymon, who was shot, was rarely mentioned. Paddy says youngsters weren't left inside to hear the stories.
0:23:15 - 0:27:59 CUAIRD - Paddy describes the tradition of going on cuaird. Micho Casey at Crowe's Bridge was a great storyteller. The fellas going the road would come in to smoke with him. Paddy's father Mickey was a great storyteller. He and other men including Jim Dowd would gather outside Dowd's house near the church in Inagh.

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