Patrick (Pa) Hefferman

Interview by Eileen Carroll on May 23, 2010

Gender: Male

Birth date: 15657

Area: East Clare - Ballyvorgal Beg

Parish: Clonlea - Ballyvorgal Beg

Report date: May 31, 2010

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Time Description
0:00:00 - 0:00:25 INTRODUCTION - This section contains the brief opening moments of the interview
0:00:25 - 0:05:50 THE WAR OF INDEPENDENCE - Story of the ambush at Glenwood during the war of independence- 3 men escaped, one injured uncle took horse to call priest, others made their way to Sixmilebridge. Reprisals from the Black 'n Tans, burning of houses from Killaloe to Kilkishen, names houses burned. Local landlord Parker gave hay to the people affected as they had nothing to feed cattle. Later Black 'n Tans returned to Castle Lake, land lords house looking for a chain to take away the lorry, failed to enter despite shooting at lock on door. Blank 'n Tans searched his house and neighbors, story of stealing watch from neighbor, his grandfathers interaction with Tans. Young men went and hid.
0:05:50 - 0:13:25 THE IRISH CIVIL WAR - Photograph of De Valera on a reviewing stand looking at volunteers who had gathered at Backers Field and marched to Glenwood to comerate the ambush. Explains where Bakers Field is and significance of gathering. Brief discussion re allegiances following Civil War lot of men locally went with Free State due to allegiance to Michael Brennan, who was their leader. Way of harassing Black n' Tans to knock threes onto road also knocking bridges.
0:13:25 - 0:15:21 OPEN HEARTH FIRES - Patrick's uncles and John Egan took steel plates from truck and used them to block hole in fire places to stop fire burning out through wall. Still has a piece of this steel plate in outhouse.
0:15:21 - 0:20:49 CASTLE LAKE HOUSE - Stories of Castle Lake House, they were tenants, Gabbots and Parkers the Landlords. (BREAK IN RECORDING - 2ND FILE) Mentions the areas they had land - business for Lord Dunboyne in Knapogue Castle. Moving of cattle from Castle Lake to Killaloe - to fatten cattle. Wilson neighboring landlord - discussion about access roads and the decision to build existing road on a bendy hill, also the position of the “old road” which went through Castle Lake and onto Flannery's Pub.
0:20:49 - 0:22:43 CASLTE LAKE HOUSE CONT. - Martin Kennedy local poet wrote about the kindness of Gabbots as a Landlord. Also story of Glenwood landlord wanting Parker to destroy their homes because eyesore, Parker planted hedging and taking in his family and neighbors to Castle Lake while he re-roofed their houses.
0:22:43 - 0:29:00 CASTLE LAKE HOUSE AND WORK - Uncle and Grandfather worked Castle Lake - types of jobs done, gardening, farming, and working in the house. Housekeeper Bridget Kelly. Horses in Castle Lake - difficult Rossmanorer- story of how trying to tame horse and men teasing each other. Horse won a race in Dorum England, Martin Kennedy wrote a song, quotes a verse of the song. Jack Hassett trainer - quotes another verse. Talks how horse died when father working with him sowing potatoes. Worked race horse as a farm horse. Also had show jumpers and horses for hunting and know for their good horses. Parker when he was leaving shot all the horses and buried them on land as he was concerned that they would be mistreated.
0:29:00 - 0:34:02 GHOST STORIES - Stories of haunting in Castle Lake, funny story man coming into room - Dancing upstairs - woman walking on corridor
0:34:02 - 0:37:08 SCHOOL - Model School in Belvoir, Wilson landlord started school 1835 to educate young people working for him. Cattle and tillage. First time put up houses for cattle and proved that cattle in houses would produce better milk. Closed when he died. New school started which is now being done up. Kelly's teachers.
0:37:08 - 0:39:14 FOLKLORE - Mentions Martin Kennedy poet and blacksmith - Folklorist songs have been collected and published
0:39:14 - 0:42:08 LANDLORDS - Belvoir house - landlord of another big house locally - House burned down. Church within the grounds to landlord comerate the care his wife gave him before he died. Severe Landlord, cutting stalks. Story Fr Ned Shaunacy Kilkishen and run in with landlord
0:42:08 - 0:44:23 FARMING - Cutting stalks in Coolacasey - ancestors needed to get permission to sow potatoes, not able to contact him as in England so went ahead and sowed potatoes, when found out sent his men to cut the stalks. Priest Fr. Ned predicted death of Landlord. Also story of bishop coming to visit priest as over using power and wanted to silence him, test of blowing out candles in church at Kilkishen.
0:44:23 - 0:48:06 EVICTIONS, LANDLORDS AND IMMIGRATION - History of Pa's family and eviction from Coolacasey to current location. Grandfather married a woman who owned current house. Specific location of where they were evicted from. Griffiths evaluation outlines where there land was. General discussion with Patrick Carroll of how the people felt about landlords and how people immigrated.
0:48:06 - 0:55:19 POLLACK LOCAL AREA - There is a discussion with Patrick Carroll about local people who lived in the area, families that are no longer there. Detailed naming families, what they did and who is currently living there.
0:55::19 - 0:59:45 CASTLE LAKE HOUSE - Story Patrick Carroll of local man Jim King died aged 92 in 1968, working Castle Lake and putting up the hay shed. Also spoke about the building of the extension 140 years ago in Castle Lake and how it was originally small house and a house for collecting rent. Story from Jim King and the white boys and turning the sod.

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