Rena Linnane

Interview by Emma Pounch on December 12, 2012

Gender: Female

Area: North Clare

Report date: November 13, 2015

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Time Description
File 1 0:00:00 - 0:08:20 FAMILY BACKGROUND - Rita grew up in the house she is being interviewed in. Her grandfather's name was Terence. Her mother came from Newtown outside Gort. She speaks of her parents' families. She went to Turlough National School and to secondary school in Monaghan, to the Louis Nuns. Some local girls went there too. Her father died in 1965. Her mother died in 1992. Rita says Mrs Healy was her teacher in primary. There were over 70 pupils at the time. Her father had land in Newquay.
0:08:21 - 0:13:44 HOUSE FIRE - Rita speaks of a fire in their house in 1969. Their house dated from 1872. They had a post office, shop and pub and it all burned down. She describes the items that were lost in the fire. Her mother built the post office up again.
0:13:45 - 0:19:12 DROWNING TRAGEDY - Rita speaks of a boating tragedy in Newquay in June 1969 in which nine people were drowned.
0:19:13 - 0:22:05 GRANDPARENTS - Rita says her grandmother on her father's side was from Athenry. She describes her maternal grandmother. She wore black all the time.
0:22:06 - 0:25:00 FOOD - Rita says for breakfast they would have tea and brown bread, cod liver oil and malt. She speaks briefly of the nuns in the school in Monaghan. She describes how her father would fry bacon.
0:25:01 - 0:27:33 CHRISTMAS - Rita speaks of the neighbours coming to buy the groceries for Christmas. The mass on Christmas morning was at 7 o'clock.
0:27:34 - 0:34:08 THE PUB/FARM - Rita recalls that when she was young she would go around to all the men in the pub and get a sup of Guinness from each in to a mug. She met her husband in the pub. Rita describes some of the milking chores on the farm.

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