The last Traditional Storyteller in Clare dies

Francie Kennelly from Leeds, Miltown Malbay, was probably the last of Clare’s storytellers of the modern era. He died in February in his 104th year, possibly ending a connection to a great storytelling line that stretches back centuries in this county.  See our tribute to Francie and hear some of his storytelling on our Facebook page.

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International Women's Day 2021

Here's to the women of Co. Clare whose stories have filled our archive and our ears and made us laugh and cry!

See our Facebook tribute to them on International Women's Day 2021.

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Happy New Year!


We are looking forward to a busy 2021 revamping the archive and dreaming up new ways of connecting with and passing on the stories given to us by Clare women and men over more than a decade. 



If you know anyone who would like to be recorded by the group this year please fill out our 'nominate' form.


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Support from Damien Dempsey

Singer/Songwriter Damien Dempsey took time out of his busy schedule recently to chat with members of Cuimhneamh an Chlir.  A supporter of the group since it formed in 2009 Damien was happy to record a video clip endorsing the great work we do as well as having the chat and posing for a few photos.  We presented Damien with a selection of clips from our ever expanding archive in appreciation.  Maith an fear Dam0!

"Cuimhneamh an Chlair is a wonderful antidote to the Im alright jack want it all and want it now' attitude of many young Irish people in the aftermath of the Celtic Tiger boom years, a period when many people disregarded our history and community and scrambled for bigger and better and acquired the MTV cribs attitude, facile, vacuous and self-serving. We survived so many torments and terrible hardships down through our history because we cherished our elders and their songs and stories and their wisdom, and community spirit cant exist without looking after the ones who bore and raised us and protected us from danger. You cant live eight decades on this earth and not pick up a few vital tips. Counsel from older heads has always been a huge part of human existence and the wisdom of a simpler harsher but probably more spiritual and dignified time will die with these people if not for the likes of deep young enquiring minded irish people like Cuimhneamh an Chlair, who'll be lauded as keepers of the flame in years to come by the nation".


- Damien Dempsey



Left to Right: Maggie McNamara (CaC), Martin Eoin Walsh (CaC), Damien Dempsey and Toms MacConmara (CaC Project Coordinator)


Damien Dempsey

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Audio Archive

Welcome to the Cuimhneamh an Chlir audio archive.  Here you will find all the audio that was featured on our Homepage as well as some others.  Bain taitneamh as ucht Cuimhneamh an Chlir!  



Memories of Jimmy Smyth with Dan McNamara


Dan McNamara, a native of O'Callaghan's Mills, recalls listening to an Oireachtas Hurling Final in 1954 in the house of Jack Kennedy Broadford, one of the few to have a radio in the area. The commentator, who broadcast in Irish, was relaying the exploits of one Seamus Mac Gabhainn (Jimmy Smyth) when Jack Kennedy, an ardent Clare supporter interjected.....

'Jack was listening to the Oireachtas final in 64 (1954) and Jimmy Smyth was outstanding that time. So t'was broadcast in Irish and ah... every time you'd hear 'Seamus Mac Gabhainn ars agus cl ag Seamus Mac Gabhainn' and the next thing Jack Kennedy pipes up 'If someone don't hit that 'effer' he'll bate us home!'.


Cuairteoir: Toms Mac Conmara

The match that Jack Kennedy and Dan McNamara were listening to ended in a draw.   Clare went on to beat Wexford in a replay on a scoreline of 2-8 to 12.   Dan went to the replay in Croke Park and Jack listened once more on the 'wireless', happy in the knowledge that 'Seamus Mac Gabhainn' was on Clare's side!!

Jimmy Smyth RIP. Laoch mr chailte ag na Clrinigh! A great hurler and folk song collector gone to God. The bed of heaven to him.



Nora McMahon: Born in 1916, Nora describes the views of her local place and wonders why people feel the need to travel to Spain on holidays.

Cuairteoir: Frances Madigan



Paddy Gleeson: Paddy who died in 2010 at the age of 105 as Ireland's oldest man recalls his youthful enthusiasm for hunting and shooting.

Cuairteoir: Toms Mac Conmara



Padjo Mahony: Mr Mahony recalls his memories of turf boats in West Clare. A tradition that has long since passed.

Cuairteoir: Dixie Collins



Pat Kirby: Ireland's most famous handballer ever, Pat Kirby from Tuamgraney recalls playing handball while in the American Army. Kirby learnt his handball skills in his native Tuamgraney, in one of the oldest 30 X 60 alleys in the country.
Cuairteoir: Ruth Minogue



Paddy Brud Skeehan: Brud Skeehan, who was born in 1915, recalls Germans and Connemara men arriving to South Clare to work on the Shannon Scheme in the 1920s and an interesting hurling match that ensued. 

Cuairteoir: Ruth Minogue 



Margaret Waterstone: Margaret Waterstone, who was born in 1920 recalls the first time she saw an airplane as a young girl in east Clare. 

Cuairteoir: Toms Mac Conmara



John Queally: John Queally from Cooraclare, who has been living in County Tipperary for over fifty years, explains how people in west Clare depended on the pig and recalls his own reaction to the day the pig was killed. 

Cuairteoir: Linda Quinn 



Michael OGorman: Historian and Folklorist Michael OGorman from Scariff, recalls a time when the name Eamon de Valera wasnt as well known in East Clare as it would later become!

Cuairteoir: Toms Mac Conmara



John Queally: Once a Clareman, always a Clareman!  John Queally again, to explain the importance of place. 

Cuairteoir: Linda Quinn 



Millie Enright from Kilmihil, a unique and interesting lady, with a deep philosophy and understanding of life, provides an insight into her own personality as a young girl. Millie also explains an old Irish word to the Cuairteoir. Millie passed away at the age of ninety-five in 2009, RIP.

Cuairteoir: Toms Mac Conmara



Joe Kenneally from Kilshanny talks about a competition as to wh could tell the biggest lie!

Cuairteoir: Cormac McCarthy



Sean O'Halloran: Here we hear about the fabled Caves of Kilcorney. 

Cuairteoir: Frances Madigan



Paddy ODonoghue: Musician Paddy ODonoghue remembers meeting the famed travelling Uileann Pipers, the Dorans as a young boy in 1933. 

Cuairteoir: Carmel ODea 



Teresa Flynn: Mountshannon native Teresa Flynn reflects on the priorities of life.  

Cuairteoir: Frances Madigan 



Chris Droney: Renowned traditional musician Chris Droney from Bell Harbour recalls a humorous account of a late night musical session in North Clare. 

Cuairteoir: Carmel ODea



Tom OSullivan 1925-2011: The late Tom OSullivan recalls with fondness his many years of working in his family forge in Ballynacally.  Tom died at the age of eighty seven in 2011 and had worked in the forge until weeks before his death.  He was the fifth generation of blacksmith in his family.  The forge is now closed. 

Cuairteoir: Toms Mac Conmara




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