Tom Flynn

Interview by Brendan Daly on May 16, 2011

Gender: Male

Birth date: 1927

Area: Ennis - Dulick

Report date: July 8, 2010


Time Description
File 1 0:00:30 - 0:02:35 Talks about life as a farmer's son: walking to school, conditions in school, his memories of school, the prospects of national school leavers, what he learned in school
0:02:35 - 0:04:43 Talks about what he did after national school & his adult career (apprentice to bar & grocer, running his own pub in Ennis, working as a vintner rep. and how a smoke-filled environment affected his health
0:04:43 - 0:05:25 Talks about Tulla in the '30s and '40s (transport & pubs)
0:05:25 - 0:08:45 Talks about the annual fair in Tulla when he was a child (his experience, paying customs per cattle sold, driving cattle to the station in Ennis, activities at the fair, impact of Economic War)
0:08:45 - 0:10:40 Labourers & the differences in gardening between now and then
0:10:40 - 0:13:00 Learning about nature on the way to school, changes in farming between now and then,
0:13:00 - 0:14:28 The impact of the Emergency on food supplies.
0:14:28 - 0:15:09 Tom's family (1 brother, 2 sisters)
0:15:09 - 0:18:38 GAA in Tulla. Tom organised school leagues while in national school, why people were so enthusiastic about the GAA, Tom trained teams since was 14, getting funding for underage teams (unprecedented)
0:18:38 - 0:22:20 How he made his own hurleys.
0:22:20 - 0:24:35 Local craftsmen: Con 'the Nailer' (local tradesman), three blacksmiths' forges
0:24:35 - 0:26:28 Apple trees as a source of income (pitting the apples in Sept (green in colour), opening the pit in March (orange in colour))
0:26:28 - 0:29:15 Kiltannon Domain (2,000 acres, gardener, coach driver, gameskeeper, 3 mile private road, farm hands, servants), Colonel Moloney (landlord), property attacked during War of Independence
0:29:15 - 0:33:38 Emigration, social change, need for property to get married, overpopulation, contrasting experiences of his friends who went to England and those who went to the US,
0:33:38 - 0:39:20 Tom's mothers' and fathers' family, emigration to England to Australia, his family in Australia, the experience of his friends who went to London and how they put on a 'show' when they came home
File 2 0:00:22 - 0:02:35 Going on cuairt, what they'd talk about, farming methods when he was growing up, working with neighbours
0:02:35 - 0:03:48 Communication & transport when Tom was a child
0:03:48 - 0:06:10 Going to the bog (making a 'sundial')
0:06:10 - 0:08:00 Tom's chores as a child on the farm (clear division of 'labour')
0:08:00 - 0:08:47 The tradition of the name 'Tom' in his family
0:08:47 - 0:14:22 Tom's school, conditions in the school, teachers and subjects (nature, geography, history and arithmetic)
0:14:22 - 0:16:53 Tom's involvement in Tulla & Eire Og, Ennis GAA.
0:16:53 - 0:18:40 Tom's knowledge of Irish & Latin, folklore
0:18:40 - 0:21:15 Ghost' stories, banshees, fairies,
0:21:15 - 0:24:53 Entertainment, dances, cinema, radio,
0:24:53 - 0:25:45 Getting news about WWII
0:25:45 - 0:29:00 Local customs, friars delivering holy water in May, barter, the Wren
0:29:00 - end Rural electrification, (electricity came to his house in 1955)

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